IS REQ coin a good investment?, What does req coin do?

Why is request coin a good investment?

Request Network is a decentralized payment system built on the Ethereum blockchain allowing anyone to request or send money through secure gateways. Request removes the necessity of an intermediary in the crypto transactions, thus making them cheaper, faster, and more secure.

How many req coin are there?

How Many Request (REQ) Tokens Are There? The original supply of REQ tokens was 1,000,000,000. The supply was decreased proportionally to adoption, bringing it down to 999,877,117, which is now the maximum supply of REQ tokens.

What is req cryptocurrency?

REQ is the native cryptocurrency of the Request project. Request is an Ethereum-based decentralized payment system that facilitates the exchange of money without third parties.

Why is REQ coin up?

The price of Request (REQ) is skyrocketing following the recent partnership with The Sandbox metaverse project. The price of REQ has risen by over 202% in the last 24 hours.

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