Is Zeniq coin launched?, How do I sell my Zeniq coins?

Is Zeniq coin listed?

The explanation given by Zeniq is this: The ZENIQ coin is on its own blockchain, but since it is not (yet) listed on other exchanges, we have wrapped the ZENIQ coin and made it an ERC20 token ( so it can be traded on Uniswap ( …

Where is Zeniq listed?

The company has a legal status under the jurisdiction of DIFC (The Dubai International Financial Centre) →

How much is Zeniq coin now?

ZENIQ [ZENIQ] is a token based on Binance Coin blockchain. The most actual price for one ZENIQ [ZENIQ] is $0.261425.

When was Zeniq created?

The coin was created in July 2020 to reward users who have bought the Zeniq hub.

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